Location Lienz/Foto: Martin Lugger


SHORT HISTORY           

For a few years at the start of the 1980s Gaudens Pedit ran a gallery in Vienna, later in Innsbruck as well. After several years as an art dealer Pedit decided in 2011 to reopen the gallery in Lienz in East Tyrol. The idea was to widen the spectrum of creative art and exhibitions in East and South Tyrol, Upper Carinthia and eastern Tyrol. With it the outlying areas of the exhibition scene in Austria have gained one attractive institution. Indeed, the first exhibition in May 2011, with works by Austria’s most famous post-war artist Hans Staudacher, was a tremendous success. The void left behind by the closing of the municipal gallery in Lienz in 2004 seems now to have been filled with what the Brennerleweg gallery is offering in the way of exhibitions. In December 2012 Gaudens Pedit opened the location in Kitzbühel with over 250 qm exhibition space.


The focus of the gallery’s activities is, on the one hand, contemporary Austrian painting with its most important exponents plus the fostering of young artists and, on the other, showcasing local artists from East Tyrol. The third and significant sphere of the gallery’s activity – the cultural exchange between Austria and Hungary – is a result of Gaudens Pedit’s collecting spree starting in 1990 and the close contacts established since that time with the Hungarian art scene. The Gaudens Pedit Collection was built up between 1990 and 1994 in collaboration with Christoph Achammer, Michael Neubauer, Kurt Sailer and Alexander Svoboda. It comprises works by notable contemporary Hungarian artists of the 1980s and 1990s. The comprehensive collection offers an insight into the development of Hungarian art at the close of the 20th century.











Location Kitzbühel/Foto: Martin Lugger