Art Market Budapest 2011


Gunter Damisch | Michael Fanta | Ursula Buchart | Matthias Bernhard | Hermann Pedit | Hubert Scheibl | Hans Staudacher | Eva Wagner | Bak Imre | El-Hassan Róza | Fehér László | Hencze Tamás | Klimó Károly | Mulasics László | Nádler István | Trombitás Tamás

Our exhibition at this Art Fair comprises works by established artists from Austria and Hungary as well as works by young, up-and-coming artists from both countries. The objective of this show is to present our work as a gallery in Lienz representing classical positions in Austrian painting and to introduce the Gaudens Pedit Collection (, which consists of the most significant positions in Hungarian art from the 1980s until the middle of the 1990s.
The Art Market Budapest is for us an exceptional opportunity for cultural exchange and for illustrating the differences and similarities in the artistic development of both central European countries.

On the occasion of the presentation the Gallery Gaudens Pedit invites to a small buffet
on Thursday, Oct 27,  2011, at 7:30 p.m. at the Stand no. 170/art Market Budapest
Opening speech: Dr. Elisabeth Kornfeind, Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum Budapest

Stand No. 170/Art Market Budapest
Kongresscenter Millenáris, Gebäude ’B’, 1023 Budapest, Kis Rókus utca