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exbibiting galleries:
Galerie Gaudens Pedit
Galerie Kogart
Galerie Nessim

Since 1990, when Gaudens Pedit first began to piece together his collection of Hungarian art (www.art-hungary.net), he has been in constant touch with the art scene in Hungary. With its participation in the ART MARKET BUDAPEST fair in 2011, the Gaudens Pedit Gallery positioned itself as a platform for exchange and reciprocal information by bringing two generations of artists from Hungary and two from Austria face to face. This concept will be continued in 2012 at the ARTplacc and the ART MARKET BUDAPEST. In addition, three Austrian artists will be presented together with one Hungarian artist in Budapest in the course of this year. The first of these presentations is devoted to Gunter Damisch in Krisztina Palace (opening on 10th May, 2012).

In the ongoing exhibition the Gaudens Pedit Gallery provides a slight foretaste of what it has planned for 2012 in Hungary: Hubert Scheibl, one of Austria’s most important artists, will be exhibited in Budapest in the latter part of the year, and the young artists Matthias Bernhard and Ursula Buchart will be on show at the ARTplacc in Tihany.

Powerful and archaic is how one would define the works of the young Matthias Bernhard, who is shortly before sitting his final exams under Gunter Damisch at Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts. The fusion of an expressive painting style with naïve motifs is typical of the artist, who was born in Kitzbühel, as well as his collage-like pop elements and mostly hand-written fragments of text, and his PU foam frames.

Just a year ago Ursula Buchart got her diploma from Gunter Damisch at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Her previous design studies in Munich can be recognised in her current work. Figures masterfully placed in the picture – from mannequins to Disney comic characters to portraits of prominent people – are painted fragmentarily and with plenty of ‘diffuser’. Trivial elements irritate and counteract the depicted.

Born in Gmunden, Hubert Scheibl is one of the prominent painters in present-day Austria. His work achieved acclaim in the 1980s, particularly in the context of Neoexpressionism and the Neue Wilde.
Hubert Scheibl’s style concerns itself with abstraction, with artistic paint application and graphic elements penetrating the surface, creating a spatial impression. What is important is the emphasis on the physical, which on the one hand appears as a multi-layered paint application, and on the other describes the physical effort of the painter at work. Scheibl’s paintings convey the separation of all representative tasks from the medium in favour of the aesthetic effect of colours and shapes.

Thursday, March 22, 2012 at 6 p.m.
Krisztina Palace, 1123, Budapest Nagyenyed Str. 8-14
Opening speech: Ákos Peleskey, Organizer of Artplacc 2012