Gunter Damisch – Tamás Hencze


The Gunter Damisch – Tamás Hencze exhibition is the first of three presentations in Budapest planned by the Gaudens Pedit Gallery and Collection for the year 2012. The exhibitions will each present works by artists from Hungary and Austria, thus introducing the gallery’s programme, which in Lienz represents and shows major works of Austrian art and which has been showing Hungarian artists since the beginning of the 1990s.
In the Austrian culture forum in Budapest works by the Austrian Gunter Damisch and the Hungarian Tamás Hencze are on show. Gunter Damisch is one of the Neue Wilde generation, an art movement that sprang up in German-speaking countries at the start of the 1980s and which soon attracted international interest, coming together with related trends in a new expressiveness in painting in Italy, France and the USA.
The form world of micro- and macrocosms peopled with “Flämmler” which is characteristic of Gunter Damisch, moves between figuration and abstraction and changes between painting and graphic expression modes. The surface of the paintings, structured using sculpturally shaped masses of colour, portrays the status of permanently vegetative evolution and has its pendant in the bronze-cast objects.
By way of contrast are the conceptually orientated and constructed works of the self-taught Tamás Hencze, who took part in the Ipartev exhibition in 1968, an exhibition which was significant for Hungary’s post-war art. The pseudo-gestures in Hencze’s paintings are art-historical metaphors and the result of reflecting on the gestic painting of the Informel  in the 1950s. The self-forgotten and in psychic automatisms created swings of the brush become sterile and frozen symbols with Hencze, applied to the surface by means of templates and rollers in an attempt to negate any artistic source.
Our sincere thanks to the Austrian culture forum in Budapest, in particular to its director Dr. Elisabeth Kornfeind, for their cooperation in making this pilot project possible.

Thursday, 17 May at 7 p.m.
Austrian Cultural Forum, 1068 Budapest, Benczúr utca 16.

Welcoming by Gaudens Pedit
About the artists: Fehér Dávid, Art Historian
Opening speech: S. E. Dr. Michael Zimmermann, Austrian Ambassador in Hungary

The exhibition is open to the public till 1 June every Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. or by appointment.

  • Hencze Tamás, Grey Room, 1988, mixed media on canvas, 120 x 80 cm