Alois Mosbacher


The paintings of Alois Mosbacher, born in 1954 in Stallegg in Styria, were counted among the works of the internationally popular “Neue heftige Malerei” (new vigorous painting) in the 1980s. Mosbacher’s expressive style of that time has mellowed in the intervening years and yet his interest in landscape painting and its breakthrough into the irrational has remained.
Mosbacher paints partly according to digital images that, after extensive research work, come from the Internet, among other sources, He shifts single motifs onto forest landscapes and arranges several pictures to create one, thus exploring the narrative aspects of painting. The uncanny, the role of outsiders and the highlighting of utopian models, or rather alternative world models, in contrast to our existing society determine in the main the content of his works. Rubbish tips or city strollers that have been moved into the woods or scenarios that derive from photos of paintball games involve socio-political ideas, but are not to be understood as morally evaluative in Mosbacher’s view.

In addition to exhibitions in the leading contemporary art museums in Austria (i.a. mumok in Vienna, Lentos in Linz, New Gallery in the Provincial Museum in Graz), Alois Mosbacher’s works have so far been on display in Los Angeles, Paris, Zürich, New York, Berlin, Madrid and Japan.

4 January, 7 p.m.
Introduction to the exhibition: Günther Moschig, Art Historian

The exhibition runs until 20 February, 2013 and is open to the public during the opening hours or by appointment.

  • Alois Mosbacher, from the series „Aftermath“, 2009, pencil, oil on canvas, 170 x 130 cm, © Alois Mosbacher