Ursula Buchart I Laila Bachtiar I Catharina Coreth I Gunter Damisch I Anna Khodorkovskaya I Peter Kogler I Alois Mosbacher I Hermann Pedit I Hubert Scheibl I Eva Schlegel I Hans Staudacher I Véronique Vial I Karl Vondal I Eva Wagner I Bernd Zimmer

To coincide with the current high temperatures the Gaudens Pedit Gallery is opening its Sommerfrische exhibition in Kitzbühel. On show are works by artists such as Eva Wagner and Alois Mosbacher, both of whom have already had individual exhibitions in Kitzbühel, but also included are works that serve as appetisers for what is to come. Between September 2013 and March 2014 we can expect to see in Kitzbühel exhibitions of works by Hermann Pedit, Eva Schlegel, the well-known German artist Bernd Zimmer and Oswald Oberhuber.
The photographic items in the Sommerfrische exhibition range from Véronique Vial’s aestheticizing society photography to Eva Schlegel’s works, which deal with the sexual emanicaption of the 1960s on the one hand and the dream of flying coupled with the fear of falling on the other. Also on display are Peter Kogler’s digitally created works, and Catharina Coreth, the latest photographic ‘position’, with her critical contribution on elitist social structures. The painting scope of the exhibition goes from the lyrical abstraction of the renowned and widely honoured Hans Staudacher to Hubert Scheibl’s art, which strives to free the medium of all its representative tasks in favour of the aesthetic effect of colour and form. The approach of Bernd Zimmer, a significant representative of the Neue Wilde, is similar, translating the seen and experienced into abstraction and fiction. Gunter Damisch’s micro- and macrocosms are also currently on show (exhibition runs until September 22) at the ALBERTINA in Vienna. The youngest among the abstract painters is the Russian Anna Khodorkovskaya who takes as her starting point the reduction of advertising means to mere form.

In between the figurative and the abstract is where to position the painting of East Tyrol’s Hermann Pedit. The unequivocal figurative art form finds its expression in the works of Alois Mosbacher, Eva Wagner and Ursula Buchart. The eerie, the role of outsiders and the demonstrating of utopian models or rather alternative world models to our existing society determine essentially the content of Mosbacher’s works. Eva Wagner devotes her work to everyday, banal scenes she encounters on her travels. Ursula Buchart places figures in her paintings – from mannequins to Disney comic figures to celebrity portraits – fragmentarily and with plenty of ‘diffuser’. The Gugging artists Karl Vondal and Laila Bachtiar expand the range of important contemporary painters as representatives of Outsider Art (Art Brut).

Friday, 19 July 2013 at 18:00 in the Gaudens Pedit Gallery in Kitzbühel.
Opened by Signe Reisch, President of Kitzbühel Tourism

Exhibition will run from 20 July until 6 September 2013.

  • Hubert Scheibl SYNTOMATIC, 2001, oil/canvas, 180 x 300 cm