Hermann Pedit "Gebirgslandschaften"


The landscape is the main theme of the artist Herman Pedit, born in 1933 in Lienz. In addition to still life and portrait, it occupies a significant place in the overall oeuvre of the artist, from his expressionist, cubist and surreal beginnings to the development of his own distinct form language from the late 1970s onwards. The surrounding mountains in East Tyrol, where Pedit withdraws in 1960 after a successful career start in Vienna, are formative for him. Not that he feels obliged to paint exact images of nature in his sometimes large works; he attempts to convey atmospherically his experience of nature. Over a period of six decades he developed consistently and doggedly a technique which satisfied his artistic purpose and which is derived from Renaissance painting: on a spontaneous egg tempera grounding he works in a complex oil, resin, paint and glaze technique. In doing so Herman Pedit discovered a very independent, individual style development which has become distinctive of his work.

The exhibition in the Gaudens Pedit Gallery in Kitzbühel focuses on the landscape paintings and is part of an exhibition trilogy on the occasion of the artist’s 80th birthday and his recently being awarded the Ring of Honour by the Municipality of Lienz. Until 19 October there is a retrospective with extracts from Hermann Pedit’s works in the newly adapted west wing of Bruck Castle in Lienz. The large picture cycles will be on show in the Ragenhaus in Brunico/Bruneck from November 4.
In connection with these exhibitions, a comprehensive monograph has been published with contributions from the art historians Marianne Hussl-Hörmann and Günther Moschig, elaborating on Hermann Pedit’s complete works from various angles and positioning him in Austrian historiography.

Hermann Pedit
Arbeiten/Opere 1950-2013
Gaudens Pedit Gallery (publisher)
144 pages, 29cm x 23cm, hard cover, released in August 2013
ISBN: 978-3-7084-0508-7
€ 29.90

Available from Johannes Heyn Distributors, Klagenfurt, in Bruck Castle and in the Gaudens Pedit Gallery

Friday, 6 September 2013 at 18:00 in the Gaudens Pedit Gallery in Kitzbühel.

Welcome speech: Elisabeth Blanik, Mayor of Lienz
Introduction to the exhibition: DI Christine Brugger, Radio Osttirol
Opening Speech: Dr. Klaus Winkler, Mayor of Kitzbühel

Exhibition will run until 26 October 2013.

  • Hermann Pedit, Gebirgslandschaft, 1998, oil/panel, 125 x 122 cm