Eva Schlegel


The artistic photograph is the medium chosen by Eva Schlegel, born in Hall. Her last individual exhibition in Tyrol was 3 years ago. The Gaudens Pedit Gallery invited the artist to present her oeuvre in the gallery from December 8. On display is a cross section of Eva Schlegel’s artistic work over the past decade.

Schlegel’s characteristically blurry shots in which the artist devotes herself to stereotype images of women are also on show, of course. By means of the blurriness the expression of the idealised motifs is reduced, subjective information such as facial features is rendered unrecognisable, thus underlining the stereotype of the female motif reference that Schlegel borrows partly from fashion journals. At the same time, with the fuzziness of the photographic contours an artistic effect is achieved, as illustrated by the spatial images from the Salzburg Festival edition. Furthermore, here texts related to the theatre were inserted into the picture by the artist, with the word sequence consistently blurred to the point of illegibility. The other part of the exhibition presents photos from a brothel in the 1960s.

In her screen prints depicting cloud formations Eva Schlegel concerns herself with the ambivalence of heavy and light/volatile. Images she shot herself or took from her reference archive are printed onto plates of lead, one of Schlegel’s favourite materials, and one which serves the artist as a symbol of melancholy, protection and danger.
The smaller works done in helio engraving portray lenticular clouds that, on account of their unusual shapes, are often mistaken for UFOs. Also in lead are the hands of the artist mounted on the wall as an installation, with the traces of blood turning into pure pigment which forms small piles on glass plates close to the floor. In this work, which is the sole variation of others to be included in the Kitzbühel exhibition, Schlegel reflects on the artistic process which is accompanied by the comprehending as an ambiguous term. For Kitzbühel the installation with the wall-covering lenticular cloud has been planned with mirrors attached to ceiling and floor. The room is enlarged by the reflection of the cloud in the mirrors and the single motif of the cloud increased compared to the landscape.

Saturday, December 7, 6 p.m.

The exhibition in the Gaudens Pedit Gallery in Kitzbühel runs until 16 January 2014.

  • Eva Schlegel, o.T., 2013, Installation, Print on Blueback-Paper + 4 Mirrors diameter 98 cm