Béatrice Dreux – Tin Trohar


The partially mystic pictorial worlds of Béatrice Dreux and Tin Trohar will be on display in the Gaudens Pedit Gallery in Lienz from November 29, 2013. Whilst Béatrice Dreux already ranks among the mainstream painters of the young generation, Tin Trohar is just on the threshold of a promising career, studying under Daniel Richter at the Academy of Fine Art in Vienna. What is common to the paintings of both Dreux and Trohar is the mysterious mood which, with Trohar, is most evident in his quasi-monochrome and in part mist-shrouded works, and, with Dreux, is expressed in enigmatic, floral still lifes and animal images. Notwithstanding all their apparent stylistic divergence, both artists seem to be closely related in the existential expression of their pictorial worlds. Personally tinged, mystic ambiguities refuse to be interpreted unequivocally and invite you to enter your own spheres of association. Welcome.

Thursday, 28 November 2013 – 19:00
Opening address: Anja Werkl, art historian

The exhibition is open until 25 January, 2014 at normal viewing times or by appointment.

  • Tin Trohar, Selfportrait as Hauuq, 2013, Oil/Plate, 50 x 50 cm I Béatrice Dreux, Stillife for Kassandra, 2013, Oil/Canvas, 50 x 70 cm